Dear Richa,

I think it’s my first letter to you . From last 4 years i have been thinking about to write you but never get chance. I think nothing is hidden between us.Today i am writing you to make you understand whats going on around you. I know you are upset because of your result . but think about is there is any need to be upset for exam result, I don’t think so. Since “you are me and i am you” then we must think in same manner for some things in our life. I had learnt many things from you in my life.You are the most precious gift from god for me and i am very thankful to have you in my life .

Now just think for a while the way i am saying you, In your exam you want to score 90%  but you scored 83%  which had lowered you 90% confidence, Is it a good deal with your life.I know you want to cry but can’t , you want to roar but can’t, you are facing so many can’ts in your life, but the one thing that exist behind all the can’ts is that you want to FLY and surely you will, I trust you. Soon you will have all your new feathers just wait for the right time.

I want to save your life because ‘you are trying to rule your life , but life is to walk and enjoy together.’ you can’t rule your life , your life is not your slave it’s your friend with whom you have to spend your all time. your are making/ creating your this friend by your memories and your work what you are doing in your time. Don’t feel bad and sorry for any thing this is not last, its beginning  of your life. just remember

“Those people who had dream of touching the sky, they never got happiness on climbing The Mount Everest, they never afraid of falling from heights” .

“Those who had dream of flying, they know very well that for one flight they have to fall thousands of time from heights”.

whatever is going today, but your coming life is so Beautiful . Just trust yourself and God too. never give up in your life i am always with you. Accept your failure proudly , never fear of it and try to make your failure to fear from you that it never come to you.

I LOVE YOU more than myself. Take care..

Your’s only



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